DbConsole Free Universal Multi-Database Client

One console, multiple databases.

Does your company own multiple databases or instances ? DbConsole will help to simultaneous connect all of them, execute queries, send reports per ftp or email, write scheduled scripts and get informed per email if the crash, etc.

DbConsole is free product of DbSchema team.

DbConsole Multi-Database SQL Client

Simultaneously Connect to Multiple Databases+++

Connect to multiple databases

DbConsole can simultaneously connect to multiple databases or multiple instances of the same database. The list include MySql, Postgres, SqlServer, Oracle, Db2, MariaDb, Redshift, Cassandra, H2, Sqlite, Ingres and more...

Simultaneously Run Queries on Multiple Databases+++

Run Queries on Multiple Databases

Connect to multiple databases or instances and execute with one command the same query over all databases. The result can be saved to file and sent per email or ftp to different users.

Transfer Data Between Databases+++

Transfer data between databases

Grab data from one or multiple databases and transfer it in a target database. This can be useful if you plan to migrate data between databases.

Write Python or Groovy Database Scripts+++

Execute Python Database Scripts

Extend the SQL logic with Python or Groovy scripts. This scripts will help for example to write complex logic for updating the data or building reports.

Create Scheduled Jobs Scripts+++

Database Cronjob Scripts

Write scheduled jobs which run periodically. Get informed per email if any of the scripts are failing.

Monitor All Databases With a Single Command+++

Database Monitoring

DbConsole can execute one script over multiple databases and display the data for all of them. For example we have 'disk usage' commands which show statistics for multiple databases at one time.