DbConsole Free JDataStore Database Client

Design, document, deploy and manage JDataStore databases.

Connect to JDataStore and Any SQL Database+++

Connect to multiple databases

DbConsole can connect to JDataStore and any other SQL database: MySql, Postgres, SqlServer, Oracle, Db2, MariaDb, Redshift, Cassandra, H2, Sqlite, Ingres and more...

Run JDataStore Queries on Multiple Databases+++

Run Queries on Multiple Databases

Connect to multiple JDataStore databases with a single command execute the same query over all of them.

Transfer JDataStore Data Between Databases+++

Transfer data between databases

Grab data from one or multiple JDataStore databases and transfer it in a target database.

Python or Groovy Scripts+++

Execute Python Database Scripts

Extend the SQL logic with Python or Groovy scripts.

JDataStore Crontab Scripts+++

Database Cronjob Scripts

Execute JDataStore scheduled jobs, and get informed by email if any of the jobs is failing.