Write Cronjob Scripts

Using DbConsole you can execute database scripts on a regular basis with a minimal resolution of one hour. If a script is failing, an email will be sent to the configured emails.
vset email.server.host=internal.mailserver
vset email.server.user=admin
vset email.server.password=secret
vset email.from=DbConsole
vset email.alert=admin@databaseconsole.com
vset cron.folder=/dbconsole/cronscripts
On the machine where DbConsole is running, add in /etc/crontab this line, fixing fist the path to DbConsole
01 * * * * /usr/local/bin/dbconsole -cron
And in /dbconsole/cronscripts/ save files like
DbConsole is checking in the file names for this pattern in the end of the file name:
  • .<daily|weekly|monthly|yearly>[<number_or_range>hour].
  • .<number_or_range><day_of_week|day_of_month|day_of_year|month_of_year>[<number_or_range>hour]
If the scripts are getting any error, an email will be sent to the configured email server. Files can also have the .groovy extension. In this case the file content is interpreted as Groovy script.